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Black Body Radiation Vlatko Vedral, October 2008

In his first problem class on Qantum Mechanics Vlatko Vedral used to like scaring the students into working harder. No student ever completed his first problem sheet and answers were not given. I particularly enjoyed demonstrating this course and formed a good relation with students each year I did it. For those that tried hard and asked for help I wrote a thorough solution to finding the equation for the frequency of maximum intensity in Black Body emmission and received excellent feedback.

Vibrations and Waves, 12th March 2010 Workshop Answers

Mike was hosting a conference at the University of Leeds on the 12th of March and couldn't take charge of the workshop. In his absence I ran it using his material. I think we should try and give students as much time in workshops to ask questions as possible and so I've put worked videos of all the answers here.

The questions and written answers may or may not be availabe on the VLE directly from Mike. If you came to the Workshop then you'll have got the questions or you can download them here. The videos are not downloadable but if you know a bit of html and look at the source of the page you'll be able to find them.

Question 1

Question 2, part a

Question 2, part b

This is the probably the hardest question. It may not seem necessary to use the constant 'k' and if you don't you still get the right answer but please try and make sure you understand why the Intensity of a wave is only proportional to its Amplitude, not equal to it.

(Hint: thing about the same wave with the same energy (and therefore intensity) propogating through different media, this should hopefully convince you that k is a property of the medium of propogation and not the wave itself).

Question 2, parts c and d

Part c is quite straightforward if you've done part a and b. Part d is a really interesting question. I find coherence to be a really difficult concept to grasp. To check that you understand it you might want to think about the question I pose right at the end of the video. There are lots of possible explanations, if you've got one why not include it in an email giving me some feedback on whether you thought this teaching tool was useful. I'll put the best answers up below this video.

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