The Mental Health Survey from a different angle

Each year about one thousand people who use mental health services in Leeds and York are surveyed. They answer about 60 questions. The responses help the NHS understand how the services they provide are used.

One thousand responses are impossible to understand on their own so the responses are typically pooled. The results for each question are examined in isolation, losing much of the detail in the responses.

We wanted to explore if there might be a better way. A way to more than just how people answered each question, but how people answered combinations of questions. We're not sure if it works, but it was worth a try.

See the big diagram with all the responses to all the questions here (but be patient, it will take a while to draw).

We don't think this experiment worked very well but we do think we can learn things from it. We've written about it over on the mhealthhabitat blog.

Lastly, we're at or you can email me at — let us know what you think!