A panoramic photograph of Malham Cove in North Yorkshire.

Leeds Last

Below you can see a bus ticket for the journey from my house in Leeds to my workplace at The Univesrity of Leeds. It's a journey of under 2 miles and about a 40 minute walk. Have a good look at the ticket.

£2.50 Leeds Bus Ticket

Did you spot it? Look closely at the bottom right hand corner and you'll see the price, £2.50! That's for a journey of less than 2 miles. You're probably thinking to yourself, why is it so expensive when a bus in London is only £1.20 and everything else in Leeds is cheaper than there? If you that's what you thought, you should read my book.

As if you need any more reason to buy my book, have a look at this map the BBC published on their website showing where proposed World Cup grounds in England are situated. Pay particulary attention to Manchester.

If you're from the North of England you'll be thinking. Manchester's about 40 miles South of where it should be, surely there's been a mistake. I wrote a letter to the BBC (I complained about it online twice but no-one took any notice) about this and received an amazing reply stating that "I regret to learn that you feel that the map placed Manchester more south [sic] that [sic] it really is.". Notice they didn't admit the map was wrong and they certainly never corrected it but they did at least apologise to me for being a complete moron. Thanks! Oh and fix the thing on your website where it defaults to London for the weather no matter where in the country I am.

By this point you're almost certainly ready to buy my book, but here's the tough part. I do actually work quite hard on my PhD and I don't have as much time to finish writing this upcoming masterpiece as I'd like. I think it's really important and I'll try my hardest to get it out before the end of 2011 and hopefully a lot sooner. If you'd like to read it, send me an email at thomas.forth@gmail.com and tell me to hurry up, that will probably encourage me.