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Come see me!

Don't just follow me on twitter or read my blog, let's say hello in real life! I'm much more pleasant than I am online.

Hebden Bridge, 29/09/2015

I'm speaking about Open Data at Wuthering Bytes in Hebden Bridge on the 29th of September. The £10 tickets are a bargain.

Leeds, 21/10/2015

I'm speaking about Open Data at ODILeeds on the 21st of October. It's an open house but please register if possible.

Sheffield, 27/10/2015

I should be on a panel discussing what the data suggests is the best way to build a Northern Powerhouse for technology at IPPR North's free State of the North conference on the 27th of October, 2015 in Sheffield.

Manchester, 04/11/2015

I'll be talking about the opportunities and challenges of open data and new technologies to the Northern Powerhouse at Policy at Manchester. Get your ticket here.

Still can't make it?

Here's the talk I did in Hebden Bridge in September